See what the clients and Alabama wedding pros are saying about KG Designs by Kathy G.

“If you had to pull together a wedding in one week, to whom would you turn?  First, God; Second, my mother;
And third, Kathy G”

Alison Black CorneliusAbout Town

“They exceed my expectations every time!  Together, KG Designs and Kathy G are unstoppable!”
Neillie Butler, Wedding Planner/Owner Mariee Ami

“Simply the best in wedding and event design in the state!”
Joey Bruno, Wedding Photographer/Owner of Fotowerks Custom Photography

“At the end of every wedding in which KG Designs is involved, my bride’s always say that choosing Kathy G was the best decision they made. Not only are they willing to work with any budget, but the quality of their product and their level of customer service is unrivaled.”
Meghan Cease – Wedding Planner/Owner of M Elizabeth Weddings & Events

“Having a great and creative florist is worth every penny in my opinion.  One of my very favorites in Birmingham is Andy Hopper, Head Designer at KG Designs “
Meghan Cease – Wedding Planner/Owner of M Elizabeth Weddings & Events

“KG Designs is, hands down, the industry leader in the wedding design, offering the very best in décor and incredible attention to details!  As planners, our staff is continuously thrilled to work with such a well-oiled team  Even our most discerning of clients have their expectations far exceeded by the service, dedication, and creativity they deliver!”
Kerri Kelley, Wedding Planner/Owner Kerri Kelley Weddings

“I look forward to working with KG Designs every time and rest easily knowing the events they produce
with me will always be a huge success!”

Anita Kanellis, Wedding Planner/Owner AK Bridal

“Gorgeous florals and designs were by Kathy G herself and sought-after wedding floral designer Andy Hopper
of  KG Designs.  This team worked like crazy to make Emily’s beach wedding dream come true, setting up
everyone on the beach in time for a photo shoot, then relocating the entire decor to nearby Fonville Press
when storms rolled in. Folks, that’s service.”

– Daniel Taylor, Wedding Photographer/Owner Daniel Taylor Photography

“I’ve already told you this, but you did a FANTASTIC job on the event design, flowers and lighting for our wedding.  People are still talking about those flowers… Even the guys!  Now, you know you’ve done a great job when the guys are talking about how fantastic the flowers were… You have a customer in me FOR LIFE!”
Carice Anderson, KG Designs Bride

“We both truly felt like Cinderella and Prince Charming at our wedding and it was surely thanks to all of your hard work… We can’t thank you enough!”
Lauren & Philip Calagaz, KG Designs Bride & Groom

“The décor was truly STUNNING!  You are masters of your trade and I couldn’t have asked for better people to bring it all together.  We are so grateful for all that you have done to make our special day a celebration that we will never forget!”
Miriam A. Gray, KG Designs Bride

“I don’t know where to start because I don’t know all of the adjectives and superlatives to use in describing how awesome your team is!”
Carole D. Marks

“The flowers for our wedding were beyond gorgeous!  A true work of art.”
Liz Griffin, KG Designs Bride

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in making our reception the most incredible night of our life.”
Darrell & Jean Ann Hargreaves, KG Designs Bride & Groom 

“The day was absolutely perfect… The flowers were beyond beautiful. The bouquets were perfect!  From the
exquisite wreaths on the front door to the sweet flowers in the bathrooms, you did not miss a detail.  And thank
you for being so pleasant to work with… God has blessed you with talents – thank you for sharing them with us.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Kelly Phillips, Mother of KG Designs Bride

“As a photographer it’s always frustrating to see a bride go with less then the best with her wedding décor.
With cascading flowers, candles everywhere, long vases with flower sprays, roses galore and the most beautiful
bouquets I’d say Whitney got it right in selecting KG Designs. Apparently if you can dream it, they can achieve it.”

Meredith Rowlen, Wedding Photographer/Owner of Meredith Rowlen Photography

“The décor and flowers were so beautiful for both the Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding… You, Andy and all the staff
at Kathy G’s simply do a fabulous job from start to finish.  Thank you all for everything.”

Ms. Bette Jayne Byrd, Mother of KG Designs Bride

“COULD ANYTHING HAVE BEEN BETTER?…As our guests entered, they ‘ooed and aahhed’ – Literally slack-jawed
at the beautiful, clever, fantastic look of everything!  Such a debt of gratitude I owe for the professional way in which
you all approach your work.”

David G. Hill, KG Designs corporate event client

You really made my dreams come true and I want to thank you for all the memories. Words cannot even describe
what I felt when I walked into Sturdivant Hall.  It was so elegant and beautiful it took my breath away.  You exceeded
all of my exceptions and brought my vision to a level that I could have never dreamed of.”

Mary Alise Cosby Snyder, KG Designs Bride

“We want to thank you for a most wonderful and perfect evening.  One friend emailed me just one word which says it
all, “PERFECTION.”  The presentation was beautiful and the service was superb. No detail was left unturned.  All of
our guests couldn’t stop raving.”

Rhonda and Harry Weinberg, KG Designs Bride & Groom

“The flowers for our wedding last Saturday at the Gardens were FABULOUS!  They exceeded my wildest dreams.
I’ve gotten untold compliments on how perfect everything was. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.”

Karen Fitzpatrick, KG Designs Bride

I just want to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding so breathtakingly beautiful. It was absolutely perfect…
More gorgeous than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for everything.
Kari Swenson, KG Designs Bride